Does it count?



With today’s society of instant gratification what really counts as “homemade”?

Is making a meal out of a box considered homemade being that technically you did make it at home?  At what point is the line crossed between truly homemade and half-assed homemade?

Bread Machine:  Does NOT count as homemade in my book…well, I guess half-assed homemade.  Why?  You are following basic directions, putting everything into a machine and letting it do all of the work for you.  You are letting technology take over your kitchen (doesn’t it already have your office and livingroom?).  You’re not getting the dough under your nails, sweat beads on your forehead from kneading for 10 minutes straight, aching arms and shoulders, flour everywhere…you are not experiencing true bread making.

I have been making homemade bread for over a decade and enjoy the task of making it from scratch.  I will get a day off of work and specifically set part of that day aside as my bread time.  Bread is just a few basic ingredients:  flour, yeast, salt, sugar, water and oil….the trick it getting the right balance of these basics.

100% Homemade whole grain bread---part of the makings of a perfect lunch.

I was listening to the radio the other day on my drive into work and they explained that children being born now will never now what a paper map is because of GPS systems or what cd’s are because of MP3’s…my question is:  How many of them will now what a real meal is?  Not a meal out of a box or from a greasy-calorie pushing-big chain-drive thru-save a penny-make America obese-restaurants.  When did we give control of what we put into our own bodies away?  Read the ingredients on many of the labels in your pantry and you will be stunned at how many are loaded with stuff you can’t even pronounce.  Personally, I like knowing what is in my food.  Imagine the amount of “preservatives” we eat per year…kinda scary if you ask me.
Yes, sometimes fast food or boxed food are the easiest in our face-paced world, but I challenge you to take the time and make a real homemade sitdown meal at least 3 times per week…7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 suppers—3 isn’t too much to ask is it?
What are some of your favorite homemade recipes?  What is your favorite homemade item to bake?  Do you think that cooking real meals & baked items are a dying art form?

About roxannesrandoms

My name is Roxanne and I am proud to live in beautiful Central Oregon, originally from Minnesota. I am happily married with two wonderful Boston Terriers, Leo is the older of the two and he is in the profile picture with me. Doc is our younger boy who gives Leo a run for his money. We also adopted a beautiful little Bugg named Kuki. There have been many different crossroads in my life, which have lead me to become the person I am. Some days I feel a little lost, but that's life. I enjoy cooking, baking, photography, art, crafts, nature, change (not in just the money, laughing/humor, spending time with my tiny family...and the combination of these help create the whole person. I do have to say experimenting with food has been a lifelong passion of mine and figured that I would share some of my experiments. As with most people I am opinionated and decided that sharing some of those would help burn some of my creative energy (and I always have extra to spare) and hopefully make you think and look at the world a little different.

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  1. We do homemade EVERY day, home grown veggies and home grown meats whenever possible, but homemade bread is the thorn in my side…. At one point Dewey even told me I should have someone teach me before I bothered trying again :/

    • I LOVE hearing that you do homemade every day! In our household we have homemade almost everyday, but we also really like Thai food and I have not mastered that yet 🙂 Anytime that home grown veggies are used just makes the meal so much more rewarding. Last summer we grew some tomatoes & peppers and being able to use those made me even more proud in the meal because not only was I making the meal, but was also able to use fresh organic veggies that I had babied from seedlings.

      On occassion, even after years of making bread, I still have an off day where things just go haywire and the bread isn’t 100%, but it is still good and usually in these cases will make great bread pudding or french toast. I was lucky enough to have an Aunt that kind of took me under her wing and taught me the art of bread making…or the task of bread making depending on the day.

      I am excited because our local farmers market will be opening next weekend so we will be supporting local business and getting fresh from the farm produce.

  2. I don’t want to raise my kids to think that everything should come from the grocery store, espeacially our veggies….I have already grown massive amounts of tomatoes, peppers, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, rutsbagas, potatoes……cucumbers, and more, and I preserve wbatever I can, and generally don’t buy anything as far a vegetables. We also raise our own pigs and chickens, and get our beef from Dewey’s mom’s herd…..I’m still working on how to grow seafood…. Lol

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