Love of Ages?

Earlier today I received a friend request from a friend that I had not heard from, nor have I seen, for close to 16 years, I gladly accepted the request.  This person is someone who became my friend because of his being friends with one of my family members…and in a way he got to watch me grow-up.  We did a couple of little wall chat comments and a small amount of catching up and then to my surprise I received a chat message from him…which made catching up much easier. 
A lot happens in 16 years and the first basic questions came down to:  Are you happy where you are?  Are you happy in the place you are in your life?  Of course I am!  Yes, there are a few tiny things that we would all like to change about our lives, but overall, I have a great life.  There are the little everyday challenges, but I would like to believe that most of us would not change that for the world and that in the long run we are pleased with our lives and living situations.  Though I am not a particularly religious person I do have to say that I feel very blessed in my life. 
He then asked me a question that I was not expecting, but that I thought was a wonderful inquiry:
“Tell me is Love different with Age?”
I thought about this question for about a minute prior to answering and my response was:
“Is love different with age? Maturity is different with age which in part makes the way that you are able to love different.”
As we age we learn, grow, change, and adapt…which leads us to view the world around us differently.  We learn how to empathize with others and their experiences.  We learn not to make big deals out of small things.  We learn how to give and receive love.
Love has many different facets.  The love between a mother and a child.  The love between siblings.  The love between spouses.  The love between humans and their pets.  The love of friends and friendships.  Love for strangers and community.  Love is a wonderfully scary thing! 
Love is a hard thing to define, actually a close to impossible thing to define because it depends on each individual and their ideal of love.  I had a friend ask me what I thought love was a while back and my answer was:  “Love is finding that one person who can deal with your special kind of crazy and that you can deal with theirs.”
How do you describe love? 
How do you show and share your love? 
Has your love changed through the years? 
Has your ability to love changed as you have aged? 
Has the quality of your love changed with age?
Showing that you care shows that you also love.  How do you pay your love forward?

Red rose a symbol of love.



About roxannesrandoms

My name is Roxanne and I am proud to live in beautiful Central Oregon, originally from Minnesota. I am happily married with two wonderful Boston Terriers, Leo is the older of the two and he is in the profile picture with me. Doc is our younger boy who gives Leo a run for his money. We also adopted a beautiful little Bugg named Kuki. There have been many different crossroads in my life, which have lead me to become the person I am. Some days I feel a little lost, but that's life. I enjoy cooking, baking, photography, art, crafts, nature, change (not in just the money, laughing/humor, spending time with my tiny family...and the combination of these help create the whole person. I do have to say experimenting with food has been a lifelong passion of mine and figured that I would share some of my experiments. As with most people I am opinionated and decided that sharing some of those would help burn some of my creative energy (and I always have extra to spare) and hopefully make you think and look at the world a little different.

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