Fresh Salsa…


Helpful Hints

If you do not want to “roll” your lime you can microwave it for about 15 seconds or place it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes and that will also help the juice release easier.

If you like a hotter salsa add a touch of cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper…I leave the amounts up to your taste buds.

If you aren’t as big of a fan of onion as our family is you can use less…use half of a medium onion rather than a large, you will still get the great flavor and nutrition, just less of the onion breath 🙂

We prefer sea salt, but regular salt works just fine.

As you see I used store-bought minced garlic, but you can also mince your own fresh garlic…couple nice sized cloves would be perfect.

Remember that your fresh salsa will not last as long as the preservative-packed salsa you purchase in jars from the store…so please enjoy while still fresh.


About roxannesrandoms

My name is Roxanne and I am proud to live in beautiful Central Oregon, originally from Minnesota. I am happily married with two wonderful Boston Terriers, Leo is the older of the two and he is in the profile picture with me. Doc is our younger boy who gives Leo a run for his money. We also adopted a beautiful little Bugg named Kuki. There have been many different crossroads in my life, which have lead me to become the person I am. Some days I feel a little lost, but that's life. I enjoy cooking, baking, photography, art, crafts, nature, change (not in just the money, laughing/humor, spending time with my tiny family...and the combination of these help create the whole person. I do have to say experimenting with food has been a lifelong passion of mine and figured that I would share some of my experiments. As with most people I am opinionated and decided that sharing some of those would help burn some of my creative energy (and I always have extra to spare) and hopefully make you think and look at the world a little different.

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