Chicken Caprese


Cook chicken breast(s) in a little olive oil. Season as wanted, I used a small amount of sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and garlic powder.

Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar.

On medium-low heat start reducing your balsamic vinegar. I reduced 1/2 cup to use, and had a little leftover.

Fresh basil.

Coarsely chop fresh basil. You can leave whole, but smaller pieces are easier when eating finished product.

Remember to keep an eye on your balsamic vinegar as it reduces.

Roma tomato (or whatever your favorite kind of tomato is that you want to use).

Thinly slice your tomato.

Mmm, mozzarella!

Slice your mozzarella.

By this point your chicken breast(s) should be done cooking. Place them on broiler pan. Also, turn on your broiler (very helpful step that I almost forgot).

Chicken breasts waiting to be capresed.

Generously top your chicken breasts with your chopped basil.

Add a nice layer of tomato on top.

Top with mozzarella.

Sprinkle a little sea salt & garlic powder on top of mozzarella for added flavor.

Time to broil. Keep an eye on your Chicken Caprese as it is under the broiler as you want your cheese to melt, but not burn.

When your mozzarella cheese is melted, remove from broiler, carefully place your Chicken Caprese on plate and top with your reduced balsamic vinegar.

We had our Chicken Caprese with a side of whole wheat pasta that was dressed with a little olive oil, garlic, sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and green onions.


Hope that you enjoy my Chicken Caprese as much as we did…my husband literally licked his plate clean.  Total meal took me less than 20 minutes to prep & cook.  Fast, super easy and full of wonderful flavor!





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