Garlic Basil Red Potato Patties




I decided to upcycled our left over mashed potatoes from last night ( so we had potato patties with breakfast.

Take one egg and scramble on plate.


Add a small amount of water to egg and scramble more to loosen the egg up.

On a different plate put a nice portion of plain Panko.

Now that you have your egg bath and Panko ready it is time to focus on the potatoes.

Last night, after my potatoes cooled I pattied them out and wrapped them in seran wrap prior to refrigerating.

Potato patties getting ready for a nice egg bath 🙂

Quickly dip your potato patties in egg bath.

Coat both sides.

Now it is quality Panko time for the potato patty.

Make sure to Panko is evenly coating both sides.

In an attempt to reduce some calories I used an olive oil cooking spray and sprayed both sides of my potato patty prior to placing on hot flat grill (between 375 and 400 degrees).

Salt and pepper patties as desired.

Cook patties until they are nice and golden. They will have a wonderful crunch and great flavor...we enjoyed ours with breakfast.




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