Israeli Couscous with Portabellos


Walking into my kitchen I was faced with the dilemma of what to make for supper.  After opening the refrigerator at least 3 times and two different cupboard doors I found some ingredients that sounded good and sounded good together (possibly)…so the experiment begins 🙂

Israeli Couscous with Portobello

1 cup Israeli couscous

1 1/4 cups vegetable broth

2 large portabello mushrooms

1/2 of a medium red/purple onion

3 tbsp olive oil

sea salt to taste

fresh ground black pepper to taste

garlic to taste

fresh basil (I used 4 medium leaves)

In a one quart sauce pan bring vegetable broth to a boil then add Israeli couscous, stir, place a lid on and lower heat to a simmer.  Simmer for about 8-9 minutes, until cooked.  While couscous is cooking start working on the rest of the dish.  Gently scrap gills out of portabell0 mushrooms and slice mushrooms into your desired size (ours were sliced in about 1/4 inch thicknesses and then each slice was cut into thirds).  Place olive oil into saute pan and add mushrooms and onion.  Cook until nicely golden, adding salt, pepper and garlic about half way through cooking process.  Once finished add mushroom mixture to your couscous and add fresh basil, stir and serve. 

All together (including the time it took me to look in the fridge and cupboards) this recipe took me 11 minutes to make…so easy, fast and tasty.



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