Leo the Boston Terrier Update


Leo Update: Leo had a vet appointment today, overall it went well. They eye drops that help will pressure (human glaucoma medication) are doing their job and the pressure in Leo’s eye has not increased. The vet explained that the different behaviors we have witnessed Leo having IS because of his eye. Leo has been nippy a couple of times at the other 2 dogs and the vet explained that he is hurting (not excruciating currently), his depth perception is off, he probably is thinking the other dogs are closer to him or coming at him faster than they actually are and that is why he nips. His lens will be fairly clear sometimes and at other times will be so milky white that you can’t even see what color his eye is…the vet explained that when his lens gets like that Leo can not see out of that eye at all. The vet was very impressed that we understand the urgency of Leo’s situation and that we are being proactive with doing a fundraiser as Leo & his eye can be okay today with the medication and the next day it could be a completely different story. Still comes down to the sooner we can get the surgery done the better. On that note: If you have already donated to help Leo we THANK YOU!! If you haven’t donated and can even spare $1 that would be wonderful and very helpful. If you aren’t able to donate please SPREAD THE WORD and SHARE Leo’s link…share it, tweet it, pin it, stumble it…every share will help.

DONATIONS CAN BE MADE AT:  http://gogetfunding.com/project/leo-s-luxated-lens-surgery  OR they can be sent directly via paypal to rokkibean@yahoo.com



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