Leo the Boston Terrier Fundraiser Flyer


Leo the Boston Terrier Fundraiser Flyer

One goal for today: Go and put up a few flyers to help with Leo’s fundraiser. Hope that it will help as Leo is having a very bad eye day today. Leo has spent most of the day sleeping and is struggling to hold his little eye open at all. Yesterday he was playing and got bumped a couple of times, yelped and we could see his pain all evening and today 😦 Poor Leo dog. We also have to be very careful about how much time he spends in the sunshine because the sun makes his eye even worse and hurt more. If you can donate or help at all by sharing Leo’s story please do so: http://gogetfunding.com/project/leo-s-luxated-lens-surgery. If you are interested we can also send you the address for Leo’s vet so donations can be made directly to them.


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