Leo the Day Before Surgery


Leo the Day Before Surgery

Leo’s eye surgery reached its fundraising goal on Tuesday. As soon as we reached the goal I went to the vet and scheduled Leo’s surgery. Today we had to take Leo in to the vet so that he could stay the night there, that way they are able to make sure that he doesn’t eat or drink anything before his surgery which is first thing tomorrow (Friday) morning. I took this photo of Leo about an hour before we took him in to the vet, thankfully today his eye was looking much better than it has the last couple of days, but still not good. We will continue to give updates and ask for any and all of the positive energy you can put into the universe for Leo.

Good luck with your surgery in the morning Leo. We love you.

Mom, Dad, Doc & Kuki


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    • Thank you. We think he is too. I do have a couple of other blogs that have more photos of him (quite a few when his eye is healthy). Leo has always been very photogenic. Our boy Doc on the other hand, due to his markings, always looks like he is blurry. 🙂

    • Thank you. Our house felt so empty last night without him here…and our other dogs just seemed lost. Think Leo is a big part of the glue that holds our little family unit together 🙂

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