Leo–2 Days After Surgery




I am a day behind on this post, but figured I would give daily updates.  Yesterday was Leo’s 2nd day after his eye removal surgery.  We noticed a lot more bruising in the area and some cheek swelling.  Leo was in a very good mood and wanted to play…we did not want him to play like he is used to because that will hurt him.  Leo did get some monitored play with one of his favorite treat balls (a great ball that the dogs can not wreck that we cut a hole in and put dog food in…give them exercise and treats at the same time=double goodness).  Leo is eating well, drinking well and needless to say, sleeping well (aka snoring like a mad man!).  We did also finally take off the “collar of shame” which really helped Leo sleep more comfortably.DSC04818 DSC04821 DSC04823 DSC04824 DSC04825 DSC04827 DSC04828




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  1. thank you so much for this great posting and step by step w great pix, my daughters dog just had his eye removed due to a fight when he was at petsitter and i was frantic to find something to help me with what to expect, your post and pix are a lifesaver to us thank you for taking the time to do that and so glad your pup is great now

    • Awe, thank you. I struggled to find what to expect when it came to Leo’s surgery and the healing process, so thought that sharing his story would help other families. I am so happy to hear when Leo’s story has helped other families. Hope your daughters dog is doing well and that she can find a new pet sitter (and that her pet sitter was bonded and that covers everything).

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