Leo the Boston Terrier 3 Days Post Surgery


Leo had his eye removal surgery on Friday May 3rd. The vet kept him overnight so they could monitor him and keep him on the iv. We picked him up on Saturday morning. On Saturday Leo was very swollen and had a lot of redness. On Sunday the majority of the redness turned into bruising and Leo had continued swelling plus a little swelling in his cheek. I took this video on Monday, as you can see Leo still has some swelling (not nearly as bad as it had been and his cheek swelling was gone), bruising and one of his sutures came untied, but the eyelids did not pull loose at all in the area. Thankfully Leo has had no discharge. Leo is full of energy and wanting to play, so we have been allowing gentle monitored play with mom and dad…he still has not gotten to play with the other dogs. In this video you can see that Leo was very happy to get a nom nom to chew on.


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