Leo-1 Week Post Surgery




It has been exactly 1 week since Leo’s eye removal surgery (enucleation) and he is doing great.  Leo’s vet actually called this morning to check-in on him and she was very glad to hear about how well his healing is going.  Dr. Gayln also reassured me that Leo has internal sutures, so the two sutures that he has had come untied is not anything to worry about.  We love having a vet that truly cares.


Leo woke up this morning is a super good mood.  After doing his “business” he literally came into the house sproinging and doing a full body wag.  Leo then got to do one of his favorite things in the whole world, he got to go for a ride…he actually got to go for two rides this morning, lucky boy!  Leo also enjoyed quality time outside soaking up the sun, lots of tummy rubs and long snore filled naps.


Leo’s healing progress is still going very well.  Majority of the swelling is gone, there is still a small amount, but it looks much better.  Leo’s bruising in the last few days has gone from a dark purple (he was looking like Rocky) to barely noticeable.  Leo took his final antibiotic this morning (I think he may end up getting the special-just-for-Leo-treat every morning and evening).  Right now the hardest thing for Leo is not being able to play.  Leo loves to run, play tug-of-war, wrestle and all of the other things boys love, but being that he is just a week into his healing we can only let him do gentle play…Leo is taking this poorly, but his brother Doc seems to be taking it worse and neither one of them seem to enthused when we tell them “play gentle”.




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