Leo-4 Weeks Post Surgery


Today is the 4 week anniversary since Leo’s eye enucleation surgery…wow, 4 weeks already.  Leo is doing wonderful.  He seems to have almost completely adjusted to only having one eye as he is very rarely bumping into things on his right side anymore.  Leo is still full of his energy and spunk giving his other furry family members a good run for their money.  Oh, and 98% of his fur has grown back in.

DSC05219 DSC05220 DSC05224 DSC05225 DSC05232 DSC05234


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. You have no idea how helpful this post was to me. I have a 7 year old Boston Terrier Yoda. He’s the most wonderful little furbaby. He has glaucoma in his left eye and goes for surgery on 6/20/12. I was so devastated about having the eye removed and have had him on meds for a week just to see if there would be any change in pressure.

    Unfortunately he hasn’t had any real change. I was told they will but the prosthetic eye in the socket to preserve the shape and form. The images of Leo really helped to make me feel so much better about how the end results will be. I’ll miss looking at him with both those eyes looking back but I’ll be happy to have him healthy and doing well.


    • Sandra~
      Not sure if you noticed but I did blog Leo prior to his surgery and every day after. I researched a ton and struggled to find what to expect day to day healing wise after the surgery, so I figured that sharing Leo’s story and images of his healing process would hopefully help other families

      Yoda will do wonderful, they heal very quickly and aren’t nearly as whiny as us humans 🙂 It also does not take very long for them to adapt after the surgery…Leo is still adapting to a few things as his depth perception is still a little off, but he doesn’t run into things anymore so he is doing great.

      I do highly recommend the prosthetic especially with Boston Terriers…their little buggy eyes are so much of their face that if you remove the eye and don’t have the prosthetic it would be a caved in void. With the prosthetic is looks like they just have that eye closed. I keep joking around and saying that it looks like Leo is always telling a dirty joke 🙂 Thought about getting him a doggy shirt and putting “Nudge Nudge Wink Wink” on it.

      Our thoughts are with you and Yoda during this stressful time and remember, we are here if you need to chat.

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