Leo 6 Months Post Enucleation Surgery


Amazing how quickly 6 months has passed and how well Leo has adjusted to being a handsome one-eyed old man.  Leo is doing fantastic and overall has adjusted to only having one eye very well.  Leo still has all of the energy he has ever had…gives his much younger brother a run for his money every day.

Leo still occasionally has depth perception issues and sometimes will accidentally bump one of our fingers with a tooth when he is reaching for a treat.  Leo has allergies that cause extra tears at times, we have noticed that with just having one eye Leo does seem to tear more from that eye…which causes some stains if not gently cleaned daily.  Leo will also sometimes “lose” a toy on his right side, at which point we have to have him turn to see it.  Leo is a very fast boy and is a toy addict, my husband and I both sit and wonder how in the world we ever got a toy away from him when he had two eyes…Leo only having one eye at least gives us a little bit of a chance 🙂


DSC06518  Leo is still very handsome and photogenic…he loves spending time outside and posing for the occasional picture.


DSC05999 Always with a smile on his face.


DSC05683This summer Leo & his siblings went to the ocean for the first time.  Leo LOVED it.


DSC05932  Spoiled Rotten!


DSC06415Of course Leo does take it easy sometimes while using his humans as self-warming pillows.





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  1. Thank you for your detailed posts of this surgery and the outcomes afterwards. I have a 14 week old husky named Meika. We got her at 3.5 weeks due to complications with her mom. We were told by the owner of the mother she was scratched by a puppy mate, but when I took her to the vet for them to look at her eye, they strongly believed she was born that way. They told me enucliation was the best solution. They suggested I wait til she’s old enough to get spayed so we could handle the surgeries at one time to get it all handled at once. I just scheduled the appointment and I am terrified for my little baby. But your post has helped me realize it’s best for Meika and she will handle it fine. The surgery is scheduled for her 16th week. Hopefully it’ll be as smooth of a translation for her as it was for your little guy. The photos also helped me to realize it’s just not as bad as I’m making it out to be! I will always love her the same!! Thanks again!

    • Thank you so much! Your little Meika will do great, she is still young and dogs are so resilient. I would love to hear an update on how she does. In May we will be celebrating a year since Leo’s surgery and he is doing wonderful.

  2. Well Leo looks like he has recovered just wonderfully and you have been the “wonder” mom! It is amazing what our furkids do for us and how much love they give to us and only wanting love in return. Stan has been with me for 10 years now, and has been with me through many a rough time, rheumatoid arthritis and then cancer, he was my rock through all this, now it’s my turn to be his. I was on your other post with all the pre and post surgery pictures of you lovely Leo and it was great to see him heal so wonderfully. It has only been not quite 24 hours since Stan’s surgery but he already is wanting to play ball!!! He is obsessed. I keep telling him not yet, but you know Boston’s they are stubborn. We, in no way, will be playing ball for at least a week! Light walks twice a day, will have to do for now. Thanks for posting these pictures Roxanne and we will keep you posted.

    • Your Stan sounds a lot like my Leo…the love of my life, best friend. A long time ago I saw a thing on facebook that asked what is one thing you can’t live without…my smart arse response was water, but when I asked my husband what he thought the answer would be for me, without hesitation he said “Leo” Make sure Stan takes it easy for a few days, it sucks because they want to play and be themselves and we have to hold them back to protect them. Does Stan have any soft toys he really likes playing with? Light walks are a great choice, that way he is burning some energy and not overexerting himself. Would love to be updated on Stan’s progress!

      • Definitely be keeping you posted. Yes Stan is Leo! Just can’t keep him down. You would never know he is 10. He will be 11 on St. Patrick’s Day! He is active, healthy and just won’t stop bugging you about the ball. We have been twice now down to this local park walking along the waterway, but he has this spot that we usually will toss a ball around and wonders why we are walking right past it???? He is doing alright but definitely missing the ball and yes I (we) have big squishy toys but he is only interested right now if it rolls! lol
        I just amazes me Roxanne, how fast these guys move on and if it were us, we would be down on the floor in the fetal position, whining about our eye being gone and oh my god whatever will I do, but these guys? nope. All these folks that have canines and felines too, say that they just can’t believe these guys have had an eye removed. You would never know it. I wish I could send you a picture of him and you can see the resemblance of the two boys.

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