Toby the SCOBY





One of our favorite things in the world is Kombucha.  We love it because not only is it tasty, but also has a lot of wonderful health benefits.  Kombucha has probiotics, is an immune builder, aids in digestion, improves brain function, detoxifies, helps remove heavy metals from our systems, balances internal pH, promotes healthy joints and has theanine which helps ease stress by increasing seratonin levels…just to name a few of Kombucha’s benefits.


Recently we have been researching how to make out own Kombucha.  One of our favorite Kombucha suppliers is Kombucha Mama out of Bend, Oregon.  Kombucha Mama has a great website with a ton of information (if you are ever in the Bend area you can also stop in and their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful—I give them 5 stars).  The following is a link to Kombucha Mama’s How to Make Kombucha page: .  From all of the different websites we research, we found this one the most user friendly, especially for first-timers.


Yesterday we went and adopted an wonderfully healthy SCOBY that we lovingly have named Toby.  Today we prepped our tea and let Toby join his new living habitat (for the next 8-15 days).  So far Toby looks very happy and healthy and is relaxing in a quiet, dust free cupboard.  We will be keeping a close eye on in and posting updates.  Here’s hoping that our first adventure in homemade Kombucha turns out to be a tasty one…we will find out on Christmas as that is when our whole Kombucha making process should be complete.


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  1. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out! I have been buying Kombucha for the last few months, but it gets SO expensive by the bottle. I have been considering adopting my own scoby…My husband will think I’m crazy, as I also make my own yogurt and started making kefir this summer. But I’m not a big fan of the falvor of homemade kefir. I’ve now got a couple quarts in my fridge–I’m making it faster than I can consume it. I may pass my grains on to someone else and move to kombucha instead.
    Where did you get Toby?

    • We adopted our SCOBY from Kombucha Mama in Bend. Once we get things going and Toby reproduces/grows we would be more than glad to adopt one to you and help out with starter & any questions along the way. The advantage of making Kombucha at home is not only does it save a ton of money (we buy it by the growler full–recently KM did a deal that they had $10 pre-filled growlers—AMAZING DEAL! They are worth following on facebook because they post deals. KM’s normal growler fills are $13 and I prefer buying from there because it tastes better and has better fizzies), but is is also full of probiotics just like kefir is. Personally, I have never been a big fan of kefir, too runny. Love Greek yogurt. I run a little facebook page that focuses on homemade, handmade, etc. and there are probably quite a few people in the group that would love to adopt kefir 🙂 I think that as a society we need to start working on and learning how to do things on our own again, not just relying on everyone else…homemade bread, jams, canning, kefir, kombucha, etc…get back to nature a little more and learn the basic skills our ancestors new.

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