Happy Golden Birthday Leo!


Yesterday was our wonderful one-eyed Boston Terrier Leo’s Golden Birthday!  The big 11! I am so lucky and blessed to have this little black and white bundle of joy in my life.  Thank you Leo for being such a great boy!

Samsung Cell Photos 232Over the weekend we did our special birthday tradition where Leo gets to go to the “toy store” and pick out any toy (or two) that he wants.  Leo is yelling at me in this photo because I am not playing like he wants me to!

Samsung Cell Photos 271Early morning birthday photo!  Leo is not fully amused with me as his goal is to get some lovins and go back to bed…he is not a fan of the time change.Samsung Cell Photos 302 Samsung Cell Photos 301 Samsung Cell Photos 300 Samsung Cell Photos 299 Samsung Cell Photos 298 Samsung Cell Photos 297 Samsung Cell Photos 296 Samsung Cell Photos 295

Of course, as we all know, you can’t celebrate a birthday, none-the-less a GOLDEN birthday without your own special bowl of ice cream!  Leo got spoiled with ice cream and his very own dog-friendly cupcake.



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