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Moved West





I realized, only after reading a whole bunch of other blogs, that I have been missing in action the last few months.  Yes, there has been the occasional tidbit here and there, but that just doesn’t cut it or explain my absence.

Our summer was busy helping a friend in need and then getting hurt by that same person, long story, and just not worth getting into…so on to happier things.

In the summer of 2011 I was injured while at work and finally in November received the workers comp settlement.  The settlement wasn’t much, but was more than enough for my husband, boys (the Boston Terriers) and myself to finally follow our dreams and move out west.

For months Tim (the hubby) and I spent time talking about where to move and why, and after purchasing many maps, doing a ton of research and with some “gentle nudges” from me we decided on beautiful Central Oregon.

 Our last move was from Northern Minnesota to Illinois and needless to say I was not interested or enthusiastic about that move at all.  Thankfully it did not take long for my husband to understand why I had no interest in Illinois.  As soon as we had the means to get out of Illinois WE DID.

Overall our 2,075+ mile move went very well.  We could not have asked for better weather, especially in the end of November.  We didn’t hit any snow, the sun was out the majority of the trip and we only hit some rain on the final day of our move (and only for about 150 miles all together).  Our moving truck overall worked well, minus the design flaw with the fuel line that goes into the fuel tank.  The fuel line sloped down as it should, but a couple inches prior to going into the tank turned into an upward slope.  This showed itself to be very inconvenient because 4 (YES 4) times on our trip I would pull in to fuel up and the truck would be angled wrong causing the fuel not to be able to go into the tank, I would then have to get back into the truck and pull it into another pump, run the card again and start all over…just a hassle.  At one of these 4 fill-ups the guys thankfully had a large chunk of wood that we were able to drive up on and get the fuel to feed into the tank.  Do you have any clue how much of a hassle it is to turn a large moving truck with a tow trailer on it around is in a gas station…not fun.  Other than that issue our trip was one of the best moves I have ever had in my life.

We LOVE our new forever state of Oregon.  From our living room (and both bedroom’s windows) we can see snow capped mountains…well, with the snow we have gotten the last couple of weeks they are more than just capped.  We love our new house and that our dogs finally have a large fenced in yard that they can run and play in.  I can’t think of a single thing that we don’t love about Oregon and that makes me smile.

We have been able to do some exploring and can’t wait until spring and summer to explore more.  We’ve visited Smith Rock State Park, Crooked River Gorge, and a few other beautiful places and have plans to explore more.

Our town is loaded with breweries, antique shops, and thrift shops…all three places make us happy.

Figured I would just share the news of our move with you and let you know to expect many more stories, photos and other fun stuff.

ImageSmith Rock State Park



Spring Awakening Photographs


Today was a beautiful day…not only weather wise, but nature wise.  A friend and I went on a wonderful long walk and I was able to snap some great photos of spring awakenings along the way.  I love spring!