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Kuki the Bugg Oral Surgery Fundraiser


Our amazing little Bugg Kuki is in desperate need of oral surgery. Our vet gave us an estimate between $1300-$1700, but stated that due to her age and not being fully sure what is going on in her mouth that there is a very good chance the surgery could be more expensive. The vet also informed us that if her teeth aren’t taken care of, she could end up getting a heart murmur (which can lead to other heart issues). Any donation will help greatly and be appreciated more than you could ever imagine. Please click on link to see more pictures of Kuki, learn more about Kuki, and donate. If you are unable to donate, just sharing Kuki’s Go Fund Me link would be amazingly helpful.




Beautiful Sara when she was little.

      Beautiful Sara when she was little.

#InHonorofSara a pay-it-forward campaign.  Heaven received a new Sanfilippo angel three weeks ago this weekend. Sara was 24 years old and passed away in her home, with her loving family.  For the last few years Sara’s amazing mom Kathy has been making weighted blankets, many of which she donates to families who are unable to afford one.  Weighted blankets are a wonderful, natural therapy that has been shown to help with everything from anxiety to chronic pain and all ages from children to seniors.

This pay-it-forward campaigns goal is to raise money to help Kathy make and donate more blankets to families in honor of Sara’s memory.  All sizes of donations are welcomed and appreciated.  Donations can be sent directly via paypal to aeileendover@aol.com (please click friends and family to avoid fees and put #InHonorofSara in the comments section so that Kathy can feel the love).

Please #share #donate #PiF #spreadtheword and help honor Sara’s memory.

Below are some links that may be helpful:

Beautiful Sara’s Obituaryhttp://www.doughertyfuneralduluth.com/home/index.cfm?action=public:obituaries.view&id=3120805&fh_id=14166

To learn more about Sanfilippo Syndromehttps://roxannesrandoms.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/sanfilippo-syndrome/

To learn more about Weighted Blanketshttps://roxannesrandoms.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/weighted-blankets-and-a-long-distance-thank-you/

Kathy’s Weighted Blankets Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/WeightedBlanketsLapPadsVests/timeline

TO DONATE VIA KATHY’S GOFUNDME CAMPAIGNhttp://www.gofundme.com/35ugh8

TO DONATE VIA PAYPAL:  aeileendover@aol.com (Please make sure to click send money to friends and family to avoid fees. In the comments section please put #InHonorofSara and I am sure Kathy would love any notes of support).

Leo the Boston Terrier Fundraiser Flyer


Leo the Boston Terrier Fundraiser Flyer

One goal for today: Go and put up a few flyers to help with Leo’s fundraiser. Hope that it will help as Leo is having a very bad eye day today. Leo has spent most of the day sleeping and is struggling to hold his little eye open at all. Yesterday he was playing and got bumped a couple of times, yelped and we could see his pain all evening and today 😦 Poor Leo dog. We also have to be very careful about how much time he spends in the sunshine because the sun makes his eye even worse and hurt more. If you can donate or help at all by sharing Leo’s story please do so: http://gogetfunding.com/project/leo-s-luxated-lens-surgery. If you are interested we can also send you the address for Leo’s vet so donations can be made directly to them.

Leo the Boston Terrier

Leo when he was a little guy.

Leo when he was a little guy.


Leo was on the road with me and made a great co-driver.


Giant bone!!


Leo the Little Devil…he was so mad at me for putting this silly hat on him.

Leo’s impression of Groucho Marx.


Leo’s favorite baby ever, his Buddha Hedgehog.


Leo is such a handsome boy.

10321_101504679868152_3316926_n                                                                       Soaking up the sun…sometimes I think Leo is solar powered.


Leo is the Christmas Grinch.


Eye see you 😉


“Do you smell what I smell?”

Play, play and more play….then relax.


Leo and I.


Leo with his baby adopted brother Doc being forced to pose for Christmas pictures…neither boy were happy.


Watching for squirrels, a favorite pass time.  Leo is the short one.


Leo loves exploring and traveling.


Leo is always watching.


“I think I see a squirrel way up there in that tree.”


For some reason mom is always taking pictures of me while I am trying to sleep.




“Play!  Play!  PLAY!”


Hot dog.


Solar recharge.


Happy dreams.


Leo, Leo pumpkin eater…




Leo’s secret talent.




Love Leo’s expressions.


“Are you going to throw the ball or just take a picture?”


Very handsome Leo striking a pose.


“I heard a squirrel”


Leo and Doc being each others back warmers.


Leo loves giving nose kisses when you least expect it.


Recharging again…


“I am handsome and have my coat on, so now can we go outside?”


We’re watching you.


The best pillow ever…the human pillow.


Leo has always LOVED snow.


Mid-air snow ball catch.  Great job Leo!


Another solar recharge.


Life is rough.


“What is this silly moo cow doing on my head?”



Thought I would share all of these wonderful pictures of Leo through his life with you and then share the medical issue that he currently going through.  On April 2nd Leo had an emergency visit to the vet and we learned that he has an “anterior luxation” which means that the little fibers that hold his lens in place tore somehow and his lens came through his pupil and is sitting in the front of his eye.  This not only effects his vision, but is also painful because his eye is getting more fluid in it than it should.  Leo is on two different medications, one to help with pain and one to help with the eye swelling.  Unfortunately our options are limited and Leo will be needing to get enucleation surgery (aka my baby needs to have his eye removed).  Surgery is expensive and we are doing a fundraiser to help get enough money for Leo’s surgery.  The sooner we are able to do the surgery, the less pain Leo is in.    

To learn more about Leo’s condition & to donate please go to:  http://gogetfunding.com/project/leo-s-luxated-lens-surgery


Also, the more we can spread the word about Leo’s eye condition and surgery needs the better.  Please re-blog, share on facebook, tweet, pin, stumble and everything else you can do.




The milky white thing that you are seeing in Leo’s eye is his lens.


You can see that it is not comfortable for Leo to keep his eye open.  He is also tearing a lot which is causing the tear stains on his face.



Leo’s Emergency

Please click on:  Leo’s Emergency to read more and donate.

Our boy Leo is in need of an eye surgery and we currently can not afford it, so thought that we would share his story and hope that the kindness of peoples hearts would shine through.  Please check out Leo’s fundraising page.  Donate if you can (remember that every penny counts).  Share, share, share…share his donation page, this blog…anything to get his story out there…share of facebook, pinterest, twitter…anywhere.  Leo is our fur baby who has been at my side every day since the day he was born just over 10 years ago and we want him to be taken care of and not in pain.  Please donate if you can, if you can’t just SHARE.  We love you all and thank you for any support we receive during this trying time.


5 THINGS: The Appreciation Experiment.


5 Things: The Appreciation Experiment. Find at: https://www.facebook.com/Appreciate5#!/Appreciate5

In 2010 a friend of mine started posting 5 Things that she appreciated that day on her facebook page and the feedback she got from her friends was amazing.  This prompted her to start the 5 Things facebook page where anyone and everyone can post the 5 things that they appreciate, big, small and everything in-between, they are also able to read what other people are appreciating.  5 Things founder Sarah M:  “My days are often brighter when I take some time in the morning to reflect upon what makes me happy.  It is all too easy to get caught up in deadlines and “have-tos” and “just-gottas” and yes…even the sneaky “yeah-buts.”  Sarah realized that taking those few minutes a day to reflect can really help people slow down and take notice of what is truly important to them.

Far too often in todays rush-rush-technology-driven-work-harder-do-more-make-more society we overlook all of the little things in our lives that are so important.  We literally take the majority of our lives for granted.  How many of us take the time to be thankful for electricity when we are watching our favorite movie, writing a blog, hitting the snooze button in the morning?  Not many, because that is just one of the things that we have all gotten so accustom to having that we barely notice it is there anymore…but we sure do notice when it is gone.  Many of us are in overall good physical health, but how many of us acknowledge how thankful for that health we are?  We take advantage of being able to see, hear, smell, speak, taste, feel, touch, walk, dance…until something happens, something unexpected…an accident, an illness, a fall…whatever factor that takes a portion of your health away, and typically it is not until that factor happens that we finally start to realize how much we appreciate(d) that part of our health…and if we are lucky we will heal and regain that part of our health back and be able to hopefully appreciate its importance of it for the rest of our lives.

Thinking about appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness brings to mind a whirlwind of questions.  Each question will have a different answer for each person.  Each question may have one answer today and then a year from now a completely different answer.  Life changes, the things that we love and care for change, the things we find important change, yet we should always be able to come up with a list of things that we appreciate in life.  The following are just some of the questions that I came up with that I think everyone should stop, think about and take notice of:

How many of the daily things that you take for granted would you notice and miss if they were gone?

What in your life do you put the most value on?  Family?  Friends?  Pets?  Material items?  Money?  God?

What makes us happy?

If you only had 5 minutes to take the “important” things out of your house what would they be?

Can money every truly buy happiness?

Do you appreciate the things in your life that you waste?  Food?

What would you do if you lost everything?

What would you miss most if you lost everything?

Who would you thank if you knew today would be your last?

How many of the people in your life actually know how much you appreciate them?  How do you show them?

Does your spouse/significant other feel your love and appreciation for them?  Do you thank them?  Compliment them?  Remind them?

5 Things:  The Appreciation Experiment encourages you to stop and take just a few minutes out of your day and share the 5 things you appreciate.  They may be little things that you are appreciating at that moment like your morning cup of coffee or big things that you appreciate every day of your life like your spouse and children.  You may be looking out your window at the time and be glad to see the sun shining and hear bird chirping.  Whatever it is at that moment that you appreciate…SHARE.  Being able to read the things that others appreciate can also shed light on some of the things you’ve been accidentally overlooking.

TAKE TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO APPRECIATE!            https://www.facebook.com/Appreciate5#!/Appreciate5