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Leo the Boston Terrier One Year Post Enucleation



Yesterday, May 3rd, was the one year anniversary of Leo’s enucleation surgery.  Remembering back a year ago to how scared and stressed out we were and comparing it to where we are now…wow, the change is amazing!  Leo is a resilient, strong, brave and doing wonderful.  On occasion he runs into things, misjudges steps, and loses treats & toys on his right side, but other than those little things he is thriving.  Leo is the spunkiest 11 year old dog we know. 

In December we did have a health scare with Leo.  Out of nowhere the right side of Leo’s face swelled up.  We immediately took him to the vet and were prescribed antibiotics and pain medications.  When the vet was checking Leo out they couldn’t tell if it was an abscessed tooth or an infection associated to his enucleation.  Being that the antibiotics cleared up the issue right away and Leo has had no further facial swelling we learned that it was not caused by a tooth.  When a dog gets enucleation surgery bacteria can live in the eye area dormant for an extended amount of time and then all of a sudden decide to cause an infection, and that is what happened with Leo.

Leo also started gaining weight back in September and we just attributed to a change in dog food…we really didn’t notice the weight gain until around November.  Once we noticed the weight gain we got the kids back on the good dog food.  Unfortunately, Leo continued to gain weight.  We also noticed that he had a lot of dryness in his ears, areas of his fur were thinning and his energy just wasn’t as high as usual.  Leo’s wonderful vet (who loves him!) had us to blood testing and we found that his thyroid isn’t working correctly, which all of the symptoms we had noticed are warning signs.  Leo is now on medication for his thyroid twice a day.  Since starting the medication we’ve noticed that he has more energy and does his wiggle butt dance more often.  In time Leo should lose the weight that he gained and his fur will start filling in more.

Overall, Leo has had a great year.  He is amazing, happy, funny, loving, and all those other great things Boston Terriers are.  We look forward to sharing many more years of Leo stories with all of you and thank you all for following Leo’s story.  We are so happy to hear that Leo’s story helped so many families going through the same thing.  Leo says “snots, snorts and kisses to all.”



Leo still believes he is a beaver.


A smile makes the day brighter.


Leo doing some major bossing!


Golden Birthday ice cream treat.


Leo is an expert at staring contests.


Leo doing more bossing, but this was on his birthday so he had the right to 🙂